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This post has been a long time coming and I am so sorry for that, I've been busy with my internship everyday even though I took these photos quite a while ago.

Today I'm gonna rave about Dirty Benefits! I remember seeing this product all over my Instagram feed and being very intrigued with it. (The fact that it just looks so photogenic is a plus point as well) It's basically the Malaysian homegrown version of the famous Australian Frank Body Scrub. I've heard and read many great reviews about Frank Body and of course was elated when Dirty Benefits contacted me to promote their product!

I've struggled with my skin throughout my teenage years, with mild acne and eczema ever since I was young, and as I'm 5 months away from turning 20, I've come to realize that I really have to start taking care of my skin or risk looking 50 at the age of 30. Who wants that *shudders*, but the problem really lies in finding a good and affordable skincare product. I've tried and tested so many and nothing never really seemed to work well to clear up my skin. I think I've tried almost 20 products in the bane of my existence and I still have yet to find something that works exceptionally well for me. What I've learned is the existence of the pyramid, cheap, easy and fast. You can only choose two out of the three options. I've learned so much about blogging ethics this past year (past few months to be exact) and I'm definitely not going to recommend something to you guys that I myself do not wholeheartedly believe that works, and I'm trying to make my reviews as honest as I possibly can to ensure transparency between everyone. :)

This packet of wholesome goodness comes in a cardboard box with some paper shredding inside to protect the products, a little brochure and a small spoon for you to scoop the coffee with. I like the fact that it came with the little brochure/infosheet so you know exactly what you're getting. Doesn't hurt that there's a sweet little note from the founders as well!

What's so great about Dirty Benefits?
First thing's first -- it's 100% natural. Putting lots of products with harsh chemicals in it isn't good for your skin at all, I believe that chemicals are good in moderation -- i.e, in very very small doses. i used to think that lathering on products with sulphate, paraben and all those other chemical-sounding science stuff was good for your skin. Now I've come to realise that natural products are cheaper and much more beneficial to your body, you wouldn't drink chemicals right? Why put it directly on your face? Wouldn't you opt to put this natural goodness onto your face instead of splashing on some sodium poisonite?

Dirty Benefits uses all natural products such as Organic Cane Sugar, Raw Brown Sugar, Pink Himalayan Salt, Pure Avocado Oil and Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil. Mmm, I'm a person who loves words and hearing these words already makes me feel like eating the scrub! Haha! However you can't though, please don't try to be adventurous and drink DB Coffee, lol haha!

Let's talk about coffee. Besides it being able to give you that extra kick that you need, caffeine in the coffee grounds stimulates blood circulation and draws water out from your skin cells, leaving it feeling smooth and toned. It helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, acne, scars and psoriasis as well. It's amazing for someone like me who always seems to be having skin issues. 

Screengrab from the Dirty Benefits website

Secondly, it smells amazing! The best part is all these smells aren't added in from fragrances and esters but they're the natural smell of pure coffee. You're gonna smell like a walking Starbucks, and you're gonna love it. The best part of this is scrubbing this onto your face first thing in the morning then splashing it off with cold water. There's not a more refreshing way to start your day. And you get your dose of coffee as well. ;)

Thirdly, it's a great exfoliant. The coffee ground works exceptionally well to remove all traces of dead skin cells and sludge on your face. Trust me on this when I say that after scrubbing your face with this scrub, you'll have skin as smooth as a baby's bum! The coffee particles might feel a little bit scratchy and abrasive depending on how sensitive your skin is due to the sea salt particles, if your skin is slightly more sensitive to little things like that you can try using it in smaller doses. You'll definitely feel like touching your face non stop after this. No joke, try it out for yourself and tell me whether I'm lying. ;) I even made my little brother try this out and he was talking about how smooth his skin felt.

Besides all the amazing things I talked about earlier, fourthly, one of the best parts of this scrub is you'll definitely get your money's worth when it comes to this product! It comes in a fairly big paper pouch (220g) with a ziploc seal and each time you use it, you'd only need to use just a tablespoon of it. Honestly, I feel that the ziplock bag isn't that durable because it's something like a paper kind of bag, so it's a bit flimsy. you might want to transfer it to a coffee tin or another container to ensure your product doesn't spill out. Feel free to add more or reduce it according to your wishes. Even up till now I'm still not even halfway done with it. The product won't be used up so fast. You know what that means, more value for money, which is definitely a plus in my book!

At only RM69 for such a big packet of goodness, it's definitely a steal. I've been using this about 1-3 times a week (sometimes I forget!!) and every single time it smells and feels amazing. Think about all the benefits you'll get from using this coffee scrub. I guess that's why it's called Dirty Benefits!

Head on over to www.dirtybenefits.com to get yours now, and have I mentioned that apart from their two original scrubs, Classic Obsession and Coconut Confessions, Dirty Benefits has come up with a special holiday Christmas inspired edition of their coffee scrub? It's called... wait for it... Minty Wonderland and they've added a special ingredient, peppermint to it! My nose is feeling very pleased hahaha!

In conjunction with the holiday season, I've a little gift for my readers!
Quote "DBCAMILLIA" upon checkout to receive 15% off orders above RM50! This discount code is available until the 31st of December only so hurry up and grab a pack or a few!

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